Monday, April 30, 2012

EP Launch Party!!!

On May 1st, the trio version of Roundabout (Andres Roots, Martin Eessalu, Raul Terep) will be launching their new EP "Electric Dixieland" with a free show at the GenKlubi café. The concert starts at 9 p.m. and there's no age limit - you're all very welcome! 

Concert poster by Siret Roots.

For the kind folks in Tallinn, the band will repeat the celebration at Clazz on May 21st. There, Indrek Tiisel will be joining the trio for the second half of the show. In June, Roots will hit the road with Steve Lury, so this is probably your last chance to hear this line-up before August - but hear them you shall, especially since the early reviews of the EP have been quite positive and the airplay on rock, blues and jazz broadcasts most encouraging.

"On principle, I'm a listener who prefers songs - yet I am not disappointed to find all these tunes to be instrumentals," writes Tõnis Erilaid in Õhtuleht. "Go and listen!" 

"Feet a-tappin', fun aplenty," agrees Raimu Hanson in Tartu Postimees. "Known as a blues brother, Roots shows here he's just as comfortable playing rock and roll." 

NB! Roots Art Records is already taking orders for the EP (EUR5.- + postage) - the CD's will ship first thing Wednesday morning, for the preceding release date is quite rightly a national holiday. This CD will *only* be available directly through Roots Art Records or at gigs, and only 200 copies of the EP will be sold - if you place your order before 5 p.m. Tuesday (GMT +2, May 1, 2012), we'll get the band to sign your CD during the launch party, so hurry up and order now: roots(at)!

Dave Arcari & ARR soundcheck. Phone pic by Siret Roots.

Meanwhile, the trio's Jazzkaar show with Dave Arcari in Türi was a blast. The band wish to thank everyone who was there and who helped make it possible, and especially Uncle Dave himself - cheers! :)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stompin' In The Ghetto

The GhettoBlues & Stompin' At The Savoy shows in Helsinki were fabulous. The band would like to thank everybody who was there and/or helped make it happen - cheers!

GhettoBlues @ Juttutupa - phone pic by Siret Roots

Next stop will be the Jazzkaar thing with Dave Arcari - and this time "with Dave Arcari" actually means appearing as his backing band for a few tunes - at the Türi Cultural Centre on April 26th.

Stompin' At The Savoy @ Katsomo - photo by Leif Laaksonen

And then there's the trio EP release gig at the Genialistide Klubi Café in Tartu on May 1st... But here's the quartet version of the band again, with Martin's "Hawaiian Rhumba":

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

EP Cover Art & Music Preview!

Another fabulous sleeve designed by Roots Art co-founder Siret Roots! There's still weeks to go until the official release party, but for now, all tracks are available for streaming here: Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Electric Dixieland

The new, all-instrumental Andres Roots Roundabout EP "Electric Dixieland" is finally complete! It features Andres Roots and Martin Eessalu on guitars and Raul Terep on drums and there are four tracks on it, all written by Andres: three new ones, composed expressly for this line-up, and an extended instrumental remake of Bullfrog Brown's "Wagon Swing" (by "extended", we don't mean "very long", it just contains sections that weren't there in 2008).

So the CD clocks in at just under 13 minutes and the tracklist reads:

1. Room Service
2. Link To Elmore
3. Three Sticks
4. Wagon Swing

"Room Service" and "Wagon Swing" are swing numbers with Andres providing the acoustic and Martin the electric slide guitar, each with a brief drum solo for Raul. A. then takes the lead for "Elmore" and M. for "Sticks", introducing some more modern if not downright contemporary sounds - and if R.'s drum part for "Three Sticks" was any heavier, he would have had to use two bass drums. Incidentally, the third stick in question refers to the one Andres used for the diddley bow-style rhythm guitar part, played by banging on the strings instead of plucking them, and thus the reference to a certain Zep song title here is largely coincidental - whereas "Link To Elmore" is indeed a tribute to Link Wray and Elmore James.

The EP was once again recorded at the White Room in Tartu by Asko-Romé Altsoo and produced by Altsoo and Roots. Cover art is yet to be revealed, but the official CD release party will take place at the Genialistide Klubi Café in Tartu on May 1st!

Esa Kuloniemi & Andres Roots, photo by Martin Eessalu.

Last night, "Link To Elmore" was aired on Radio Finland's Bluesministeri show with Esa Kuloniemi; the programme outlined the upcoming Stompin' At The Savoy festival, in which the quartet version of Roundabout will also be taking part, and can be heard online for a month - only if you're in Finland, though: Bluesministeri. Another of the Stompin' guests is no other than Dave Arcari - read Andres' review of Dave's new album here in English and in Finnish.

At Stompin' At The Savoy, Andres Roots Roundabout and Black River Bluesman & Bad Mood Hudson will be taking turns playing at Ravintola Katsomo from noon until 4 p.m. on Sunday, April 15th - at the same time, there'll be the Maxwell Street Market going on in the lobby where you simply must visit our Roots Art merch table. The night before, on April 14th, Roundabout perform at a Ghettoblues event in Juttutupa: their two sets there start at 9. Both shows are free, so if you are in Helsinki, there really isn't an excuse to miss the band this coming weekend!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Film, The EP & Finland

First of all, the Muddy Waters event at Illegaard with Dave Arcari was a success: a big thank you to everybody who was there! Rest assured we'll be doing it again next year for Muddy's 100th - bigger and better! :)

Martin & Andres @ Illegaard - phone pic by Siret Roots

The night after that was the Tartu premiere of Peeter Simm's cool new Estonian/Belarusian/Latvian film "Lonely Island", which features both "Folk Club Blues" and "Legacy Blues" off the "Leigh's Spider Jam" CD, plus some guitar-only bits Andres recorded especially for the soundtrack. The Latvian premiere is next week and the film is already in cinemas in Estonia and Belarus.

The day after that was a big holiday for most people, but - no rest for the wicked! - the band was back in the studio, finishing their "Electric Dixieland" EP. There's still a wee bit of mixing and mastering to be done, but we expect the release (& release party!) date TBA this coming week.

Martin @ White Room - phone pic by Andres Roots

Next weekend will see the quartet line-up of the band at GhettoBlues and Stompin' At The Savoy in Helsinki, Finland - the Roots Art Records merch table will also be there with CD's, ROMU amps, handmade jewellery, T-shirts with designs so new we can't even show you yet, and more. See you there!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Muddy Waters 99

Happy birthday, Muddy Waters - 99 today, April 4th!

Celebrations will commence at 10 p.m. at Illegaard in Tartu, with Dave Arcari and Andres Roots Roundabout. No cover!

The band keep working on their "Electric Dixieland" EP - here's another tune they've finished, an instrumental remake of Bullfrog Brown's "Wagon Swing":

Andres Roots Roundabout "The Wagon Swing" by Andres Roots