"Andres Roots, one of the best
blues guitarists on the planet."
- Ron Whitehead, Lifetime Beat Poet Laureate, USA

"You could be forgiven for thinking your ears or eyes deceive you, given it sounds like either there are two musicians/guitars involved, or he has six fingers on each hand... Yeah; he’s a bit good."
- Ross Muir, FabricationsHQ, UK

"An absolute genius of the guitar."
- Leeds Blues Club, UK

"It feels like this guy’s development curve is about to go through the roof... When seasoning his playing with juicy basslines and percussive right hand effects, he sounds like a trio at the very least!"
- Pasi Tuominen, Blues-Finland.com, Finland

"It’s almost as if muddy waters were flowing into the Gulf of Riga. Musicians of this sort run counter to all expectations, and upset various purists."
- Ted Gioia, The Honest Broker, USA

"If you still harbour doubts about the instrumental attraction of one man and his guitar in a, say, concert situation, you have no reason to. For Andres wields magic that many others lack."
- Pete Hoppula, Blues News, Finland

"Andres is a master of this kind of music... One of the best instrumental blues players around."
- Norman Darwen, Blues in Britain, UK

"Roots has a great sense of blues as it fits in today's world."
- Bman's Blues Report, USA

"One wouldn’t immediately think of Estonia as a blues hotbed, but cast those narrow-minded notions aside and listen to Andres Roots (yep, it’s his real surname too). This is a man who can play the blues."
- Samuel J. Fell, Rhythms Magazine, Australia

"A major league slide guitarist, songwriter and bandleader... He is quite the impressive guitar wizard." 
- Steve Jones, Blues Blast Magazine, USA
"An extraordinary artist."
- Robert Lenert, Twoj Blues, Poland
"Roots is not a relic stuck in a particular blues genre but an innovative musician genuinely looking for something new... Folksy blues-based art music topped with country and western? Great stuff in any case."
- Mika Kähkönen, Rajatapauksia, Finland 

"Pushing the edges of true, pure, raw blues with an apparent self-assurance and ability... Delivering fresh blues with its own distinct innovative twist and purpose."
- Iain Patience, Blues Matters!, UK 

"A name is an omen. Andres Roots is one of the most notable operators in our area."
- Esa Kuloniemi, Blues News, Finland 

"One of the few blues artists still busy developing new ways."
- Theo Volk, Johnny's Garden, The Netherlands

"A real artist who not only plays the blues but lives it, too... The sound is current and the spirit timeless."
- César Sezer, Blues Again!, France

"A fine player with a sense of fun."
- RnR Magazine, UK 
"A musician who is synonymous with blues from Estonia. No one in Estonia does this better than him." 
- Dragutin Matošević, Barikada.com, Bosnia & Herzegovina

"The best-known Estonian blues musician and an established export." 
- Kimmo Lilja, Turun Sanomat, Finland 

"The funkiest thing to come out of Estonia since the invention of Skype."
- Rick Stuart, Roots & Fusion, UK 

"As close to pop as one can get within the blues genre."
- Smackthejack.net, Finland 

"Tampa Red with one foot in New Orleans and the other in Waikiki."
- Mick Rainsford, Blues In Britain, UK 

"One of the finest slide guitar players around."
- Jimmy Carlyle, BBC Radio Shetland, UK

"The king of Estonian blues, godfather of Tartu and Mother River Delta Blues."
- Koit Raudsepp, R2, Estonia

"Could make one believe that some lost recordings from Johnny Shines' and Big Walter Horton's JOB sessions have just been rediscovered."
- Christophe Mourot, Soul Bag Magazine, France 
"Just as powerful as the acoustic side of Led Zeppelin."
- Peter Marinus, Bluestown Music, The Netherlands

"The best instrumental blues album that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing."
- Alan Taylor, Pipeline Magazine, UK