Andres Roots

Blues in Britain 3/2019
Andres Roots is a slide guitarist, songwriter and bandleader based in Tartu, Estonia, listed in the book "100 Years of Estonian Music" as the country's 'internationally best-known player of pure blues'. Combining pre-war blues and swing with 1960's rock, Roots' music has received airplay on five continents and featured in TV series and films. In addition to his native Estonia, he has performed in the UK, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

Dubbed "the King of Estonian Blues" by the press, the former Bullfrog Brown guitarist topped the Estonian album chart with his 2016 LP "Roots Music", earning him a Golden Disc award. His next studio effort "Winter" reached #6 in the French and #9 in the British blues airplay charts for December 2016 and stayed in the charts for two months; a "Bluesman of the Year" award from the UK-based Severn FM's The Blues Hour followed in January 2018.

Muusika 11/2016
With Anneli Kadakas and Mikk Tammepõld, Roots also won the first Estonian Blues Challenge and the jury's Best Guitarist prize in October 2017, going on to represent Estonia in the European Blues Challenge in Hell, Norway in March 2018. Roots' latest studio album, the guitar-only "Breakfast in September", was released in November 2018, leading to his first solo shows in Finland and Scotland in February 2019 and landing him on the cover of Blues In Britain magazine.

Endorsements: G7th Capos & ZT Amplifiers.

Festival appearances since 2010: Shetland Blues Festival (UK), Le Blues Autour du Zinc (FRA), European Blues Challenge (NO), Suwalki Blues (PL), Stompin’ At The Savoy (FIN), Lahti Grand Blues (FIN), Ruska Blues (FIN), Saimaa Blues (FIN), Navetta Blues (FIN), Tammerblues (FIN), Louisiana Cajun Party (FIN), Floating Cockroach (FIN), Savonsolmu Winter Blues Party (FIN), Kaavi Blues (FIN), Leppävirta Blues Picnic (FIN), Sigulda Blues (LV), Sundays Blues Festival (LV), Fontaine Festival (LV), Baltic Blues (LV), Sõru Jazz (EST), IDeeJazz (EST), Jazzkaar (EST), Viru Folk (EST), FiESTa XXX (EST), Tallinn Music Week (EST), Pärnu Kitarrifestival (EST), Mailaul (EST), Intsikurmu Music Festival (EST), Pandivere Music Festival (EST), Prima Vista (EST), Guitar Jamboree (EST), Pärnu Bluusipäevad (EST), Ugriblues (EST), Augustibluus (EST), UnderGround Blues (EST), Baltic-Nordic Harmonica (EST), Porkuni Bluus (EST), Munarock (EST), Vanalinna Päevad (EST), Emajõe Bluus (EST), Linna Pea Rock (EST).