Monday, July 27, 2015

More Tampere Pics & Vids

Here's a few more pics and videos from Finland's Tammerblues Festival, all by Jyrki Kallio - for more, check out his blog here! Kallio writes: "A wonderfully versatile roots music revue with a commendably creative touch. Raul's drumming alternated from lighter than light swing to fairly heavy rock, and what comes to Andres' work on his amplified acoustic guitar, the aforementioned versatility is a very mild expression for the protean and animated instrument-human or human instrument formed by the man and his guitar. Swing, country, blues, rock, folk - you name it, they got it. Magnificent Tammer- and Tartu roots for all your money's worth."

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tampere & Turku Footage!

Tammerblues in Tampere, Finland was a blast - here's a few video clips by Hannu Leinonen:

Folk, Blues & Beyond in Turku, Finland turned out wonderful, too - the KAFFE videozine captured these two numbers there:


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Finnish Gigs, UK Review, More Tartu Footage!

There are two gigs in Finland coming up this weekend - well, three, if you count Tampere's Tammerblues festival as two: on Friday, Roots & Terep will be playing their own set and then joining Dortmunder for theirs. And then on Saturday, Andres Roots will be doing a solo set at Folk, Blues & Beyond in Turku.

Meanwhile, the "Winter Is Coming" EP has been reviewed by's Grahame Rhodes in the UK: "It’s always a pleasure when a new release from the talented and prolific Estonian blues guitarist and writer, Andres Roots, drops on to the mat... and the ‘out of season’ four-track, “Winter Is Coming”, is no exception. /.../ More excellent ‘Blues From The Baltic’, and of course, highly recommended!"

And, there are more videos from last week's Uus Õu concert in Tartu - footage by Sirje Penjam. Scroll down to see solo versions of "Room Service" & "Legacy Blues"!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Uus Õu Live Footage!

Several new tunes were heard at Uus Õu this Friday - here's a few ;) Videos by Sirje Penjam.