Press Quotes

"One wouldn’t immediately think of Estonia as a blues hotbed, but cast those narrow-minded notions aside and listen to Andres Roots (yep, it’s his real surname too). This is a man who can play the blues."
- Samuel J. Fell, Rhythms Magazine, Australia

"Andres is a master of this kind of music... One of the best instrumental blues players around."
- Norman Darwen, Blues in Britain, UK

"A major league slide guitarist, songwriter and bandleader... He is quite the impressive guitar wizard." 
- Steve Jones, Blues Blast Magazine, USA
"An extraordinary artist."
- Robert Lenert, Twoj Blues, Poland
"Roots is not a relic stuck in a particular blues genre but an innovative musician genuinely looking for something new... Folksy blues-based art music topped with country and western? Great stuff in any case."
- Mika Kähkönen, Rajatapauksia, Finland 

"Pushing the edges of true, pure, raw blues with an apparent self-assurance and ability... Delivering fresh blues with its own distinct innovative twist and purpose."
- Iain Patience, Blues Matters!, UK 

"A name is an omen. Andres Roots is one of the most notable operators in our area."
- Esa Kuloniemi, Blues News, Finland 

"One of the few blues artists still busy developing new ways."
- Theo Volk, Johnny's Garden, The Netherlands

"A real artist who not only plays the blues but lives it, too... The sound is current and the spirit timeless."
- César Sezer, Blues Again!, France

"A fine player with a sense of fun."
- RnR Magazine, UK 
"One guitarist with a clever technique did the job of at least two players." 
- Pasi Tuominen,, Finland

"A musician who is synonymous with blues from Estonia. No one in Estonia does this better than him." 
- Dragutin Matošević,, Bosnia & Herzegovina

"The best-known Estonian blues musician and an established export." 
- Kimmo Lilja, Turun Sanomat, Finland 

"The funkiest thing to come out of Estonia since the invention of Skype."
- Rick Stuart, Roots & Fusion, UK 

"As close to pop as one can get within the blues genre."
-, Finland 

"Tampa Red with one foot in New Orleans and the other in Waikiki."
- Mick Rainsford, Blues In Britain, UK 

"One of the finest slide guitar players around."
- Jimmy Carlyle, BBC Radio Shetland, UK

"The king of Estonian blues, godfather of Tartu and Mother River Delta Blues."
- Koit Raudsepp, R2, Estonia

"Could make one believe that some lost recordings from Johnny Shines' and Big Walter Horton's JOB sessions have just been rediscovered."
- Christophe Mourot, Soul Bag Magazine, France 
"Just as powerful as the acoustic side of Led Zeppelin."
- Peter Marinus, Bluestown Music, The Netherlands

"The best instrumental blues album that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing."
- Alan Taylor, Pipeline Magazine, UK