Press Quotes

"One wouldn’t immediately think of Estonia as a blues hotbed, but cast those narrow-minded notions aside and listen to Andres Roots (yep, it’s his real surname too). This is a man who can play the blues."
- Samuel J. Fell, Rhythms Magazine, Australia  

"A name is an omen. Andres Roots is one of the most notable operators in our area."
- Esa Kuloniemi, Blues News, Finland 

"One of the few blues artists still busy developing new ways."
- Theo Volk, Johnny's Garden, The Netherlands

"Roots in every sense of the word and in all its splendor."
- César Sezer, Blues Again, France 

"A veritable United Nations of blues talent... an album that is truly excellent, with fine vocals and classy, zinging slide and down and dirty blues punch."
- Iain Patience, Elmore Magazine, USA

"Roots' playing has character and richness of detail, there's freedom and joy in his music, the notes he plays are invested with life and soul."
- Margus Haav, Muusika, Estonia 

"The funkiest thing to come out of Estonia since the invention of Skype."
- Rick Stuart, Roots & Fusion, UK 

"As close to pop as one can get within the blues genre."
-, Finland 

"Tampa Red with one foot in New Orleans and the other in Waikiki."
- Mick Rainsford, Blues In Britain, UK 

"One of the finest slide guitar players around."
- Jimmy Carlyle, BBC Radio Shetland

"The king of Estonian blues, godfather of Tartu and Mother River Delta Blues."
- Koit Raudsepp, R2, Estonia

"A superb slide guitar player."
- Jim Tait, The Shetland Times, UK 

"Could make one believe that some lost recordings from Johnny Shines' and Big Walter Horton's JOB sessions have just been rediscovered."
- Christophe Mourot, Soul Bag Magazine, France 

"The best instrumental blues album that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing."
- Alan Taylor, Pipeline Magazine, UK 

"Great album, bristling with accomplished playing – any modern Blues fan should love this."
- Roy Bainton, Blues Matters!, UK

"If you are looking for a respite from over-driven blues rock and wish to delve into something more earthier, with a little piece of the Delta in your mouth, then you’ve hit the winning lottery ticket."
- Gary Weeks, Blues Blast Magazine, USA

"A hugely entertaining album that has far more appeal than its blues credentials would suggest."
- The Music Critic, UK

"An excellent example of how it should be done." 
- Mladen Loncar,, Croatia