Thursday, May 29, 2014

Australian Review: "A Man Who Can Play the Blues"

Photo by Kalev Ints - Tartu Jazz Club
The June issue of Rhythms Magazine features what we believe to be the first-ever print review of Estonian blues in Australia. In that "refuge for real music - Blues & Roots, Americana, Folk, Soul, World, Country, Jazz", Samuel J. Fell writes: "One wouldn’t immediately think of Estonia as a blues hotbed, but cast those narrow-minded notions aside and listen to Andres Roots (yep, it’s his real surname too). This is a man who can play the blues, as he amply shows here on Trad.alt.blues, a live cut recorded in February this year at the Blue Icicle Festival in Parnu, and Rokibaar Underground in Tartu, Estonia. Roots takes care of all things guitar, while Raul Terep tears it up behind him on drums, the pair stomping and striding through a set of up-tempo, highly charged electric blues ‘n’ drums. There’s nothing new here, but damn they do it well." Cheers! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Stick With You" Story @

"Stick With You" was a track recorded with Eric "Red Mouth" Gebhardt that appeared on the 2010 Andres Roots album "Roundabout" and later on "Lutsuvad Kivid", a compilation of music by Estonian poets and writers. Check out Andres' full account of the matter @! ;)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Kehra Pics, June Gigs

Here's a couple of pics by Gerda Põder from last Thursday's Back to the 50's ball in Kehra - good fun it was, but also the last Roots & Terep/Roundabout show for a few months to come. In June, Andres Roots and Peeter Piik will join Finland's Ismo Haavisto and Matias Partanen for another run of Muddy Waters tribute shows, this time in Finland: June 5 - Vihreä Talo, Riihimäki; June 6 - Kaavi Blues Festival, Kaavi; June 7 - Bar Corona, Pieksämäki; June 8 - Hanhenpoika, Lahti.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tartu Jazz Club Pics & Back To The 50's

Last Thursday's gig at the Tartu Jazz Club was a lot of fun - below are a few great shots by Kalev Ints; to see the full gallery, please visit the club's FaceBook page! This Thursday, May 15th, Roots & Terep will appear at the Back To The 50's ball in Kehra - so put your cat clothes on, and so forth ;)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Bluusikunst @ Tartu Jazz Club

On May 8th, Andres Roots Roundabout will appear at the Tartu Jazz Club - the first part of the concert featuring Andres Roots & Raul Terep as heard on "Trad.alt.blues", the second half introducing the full Roundabout line-up with Peeter Piik on bass. Not a gig to miss, especially since there are no more Tartu shows scheduled before September!