Monday, May 23, 2016

Pärnu FiESTa XXX This Saturday!

The legendary Pärnu jazz festival FiESTa will come out of retirement this Saturday to celebrate its 30th anniversary with a concert at the Endla theatre. The performers include Omar Torrez (Mexico/USA), Tuuli Velling, The Blue Passion - and Andres Roots & Anneli Kadakas.

Roots and Kadakas last played together 20 years ago in Andres' first band; since then, Anneli's been playing drums with pretty much everybody on the Estonian music scene: from Vennaskond to Rock-Hotel to Rasta Orchestra and beyond. This reunion is not one to be missed - get your tickets here! :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

As Close To Pop As One Can Get

Finland's has reviewed "Roots Music": "Roots' own sound is a bit like those of Heikki Silvennoinen or Esa Pulliainen north of the gulf: original and easily recognizable. That's a good starting point for making music, and combined with his keen ear for melody, the album is really fun to listen to." /---/ "Roots' imagination seems almost out of control. "Roots Music" sounds fresh and original throughout, even though we're deep in the three-chord territory. So there's not much variety and yet there's a lot of it all the time. Hope you get it, because I don't - I just know that Andres Roots' latest is sheer fireworks of blues and playing. It makes you feel good." /---/ "I could even use the sentence "Andres Roots is as close to pop as one can get within the blues genre", but that might be a corny thing to say."

And reports on the album along with the Bottleneck Trendsetters tour: "Recently, Andres Roots published an anniversary LP that stunningly made it to number 1 in the Estonian albums chart, ahead of the latest David Bowie and Iggy Pop releases. The first pressing is sold out..."

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Four Weeks In the Top Ten

The "Roots Music" LP is still in the Top Ten of the official Estonian albums chart, for the fourth week in a row - below are some pics shared by happy vinyl owners :)

1 (1) Arvo Pärt “Lapsepõlve lood”
2 (2) Eeva Talsi & Juhan Aru “Vähemalt täna”
3 (5) Kadri Voorand Quartet “Armupurjus”
4 (3) Andres Roots “Roots Music”
5 RE-ENTRY Jüri Pootsmann “Jüri Pootsmann”
6 NEW Kristjan Üksküla “Uinunu laul”
7 NEW Maarja Nuut “Une meeles”
8 (7) PJ Harvey “The Hope Six Demolition Project”
9 (8) Iggy Pop “Post Pop Depression”
10 (9) Curly Strings “Üle ilma”

Monday, May 9, 2016

Bottleneck Guitar Trendsetters

The Bottleneck Guitar Trendsetters of the 2010's tour with Jim Roberts, Ismo Haavisto and Matias Partanen is done - including a studio appearance on YLE Radio Lahti and concerts at the Juuri ja juuri roots music festival at Brygga in Lahti, Pub 23 in Kouvola, and a private show in Pyhtää, all in Finland. Here's a few pics; next concert: the FiESTa XXX anniversary festival at the Endla Theatre in Pärnu, Estonia.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Finland This Week: Lahti & Kouvola

The Bottleneck Guitar Trendsetters will hit the road this week: slide guitarists Jim Roberts (USA), Ismo Haavisto (FIN) and Andres Roots (EST) with Matias Partanen (FIN) on drums will be appearing at the Juuri ja Juuri Roots Music Festival in Lahti on May 6 (showtime: 8 p.m.) and at Pub 23 in Kouvola on May 7 (showtime: 3 p.m.).

Meanwhile, the "Roots Music" LP is still #3 in the charts:

1 (2) Arvo Pärt “Lapsepõlve lood”
2 (1) Eeva Talsi & Juhan Aru “Vähemalt täna”
3 (3) Andres Roots “Roots Music”
4 (8) Jäääär “Jäääär 25”
5 NEW Kadri Voorand Quartet “Armupurjus”
6 (6) Reket “Tuule tee”
7 NEW PJ Harvey “The Hope Six Demolition Project”
8 (7) Iggy Pop “Post Pop Depression”
9 (4) Curly Strings “Üle ilma”
10 (5) Trad.Attack! “Ah!”

The April 28 blues history lecture and concert in Pärnu were a blast - here's a few photos by Leif Laaksonen: