Roots & Kadakas

Photo by Leif Laaksonen.
"A real thunder of an applause erupted after the set from Andres Roots and Anneli Kadakas, with the audience willing to skip intermission two hours into the concert," observed the daily Postimees in their coverage of jazz festival FiESTa's XXX anniversary show at the Endla theatre in Pärnu. The May 2016 event reunited the chart-topping blues guitarist Roots and the sought-after jazz and rock drummer Kadakas for the first time in 20 years – the two last played together in a Tartu band that never made it past the rehearsal stage.

Anneli Kadakas is a professional drummer who has worked with many artists such as Vennaskond, Rock Hotel, Rasta Orchestra, Eurovision winner Dave Benton's Latin Band, the Canadian blues harp virtuoso David Rotundo, and the late great Slavka Kobrin. Slide guitarist Andres Roots has played with Honeyboy Edwards and Tuomari Nurmio, toured and recorded with Steve Lury and Ismo Haavisto, and earned five Best European Blues Album awards from the Canadian Blues Underground Network.

"FiESTa!", a 5-track live EP of their reunion concert was launched on August 5 with concerts at the Pärnu Guild Days and the Augustibluus festival in Haapsalu. Reviewing the CD that "conveys mastery and a genuine joy of playing", Postimees states: "Even though there's just two musicians here, they play like a full-size blues (rock) band - and without the assistance of electronic gimmicks."

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