Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cool Album Review From Canada

"Leigh's Spider Jam" is included in the Canadian Blues Underground Network's "Top Picks For December 2011" and receives a wonderful review from John Vermilyea:

"One thing you are going to get when Andres Roots is involved, is consistently great blues music, of the kind you would only have expected from seasoned Down South North American Blues Artists to have achieved, but really, throughout all the Albums of his, whether with Bullfrog Brown or not, he has never failed to amaze me concerning his ability to create Blues music that is absolutely authentic. The release of "Leigh's Spider Jam", shows not only his mastery of authentic Blues, but also his mastery of assembling many extraordinary artists to take along on his Blues journey."

Read the rest of it here and don't forget Roots Art Records' special Christmas offer on this very title - check the previous post below for details!

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