Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pärnu: Tomorrow & Last Summer

"Top Estonian Blues Heard In Pärnu," reports Pärnu Postimees, and indeed the 3-day winter bluesfest Blue Icicle starts tomorrow, Feb. 16th, with the Roots-Eessalu-Terep trio version of the Andres Roots Roundabout headlining the first day.

That first day is also the day of the monthly Pärnu blues market, and thus all sorts of Roots Art goodies from blues CD's and black cat pendants to handmade ROMU amps (below) will be wheeled to the Pärnu blues club for tomorrow night - and tomorrow night only. Come check us out!

A ROMU amp is also heard in this live video - featuring Steve Lury (UK) and a very different Roundabout line-up that shall return for an Estonian-Finnish tour in early June. This footage of Tampa Red's "Rambler's Blues" is from the first night of their last year's tour, shot at the Pärnu Blues Festival in August.

And - last but not least - another fine review of "Leigh's Spider Jam" has just appeared in Holland, in which reviewer and radio DJ Jan van Eck suggests "it's time this artist came to the Netherlands." Yes it is - and we're working on it! :D

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