Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ugriblues Pics

A few photos from last weekend's Ugriblues festival in Tallinn - from the two Ismo Haavisto & Andres Roots in Muddy Waters shows, and of Andres jamming with headliner Tuomari Nurmio (a.k.a. Judge Bone) during the latter's set. Pics by Kris Moor and Andres Kütt.

Ismo Haavisto @ Luscher&Matiesen by Andres Kütt

Andres Roots @ Luscher&Matiesen by Andres Kütt

Peeter Piik @ Luscher&Matiesen by Andres Kütt

Matias Partanen @ Luscher&Matiesen by Kris Moor/Kitarr

Ismo Haavisto @ Von Krahl by Kris Moor/Kitarr

Andres Roots @ Von Krahl by Kris Moor/Kitarr

Tuomari Nurmio & Andres Roots @ Luscher&Matiesen by Kris Moor/Kitarr

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