Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, it's announcement time: for the past few years, there have been several Roundabouts about; henceforth, there shall be just one. For live purposes in 2014, Roundabout will continue as an instrumental trio, but with a line-up combining the two best-known ones: Raul Terep on drums, Andres Roots on guitar and Peeter Piik on bass. The band would like to thank Martin Eessalu for his three years with Roundabout and wish him the best of luck with his other projects, of which there are many - most of all, we're all hoping to hear a MOduo album soon!

Raul, Peeter and Andres first played together as a unit in 2005, backing New Orleans piano player Eddie Baytos on the road and recording Bullfrog Brown's breakthrough album "Snakes and Devils". The trio will be returning to the studio shortly for several new projects - with and without guest vocalists. The gig schedule is currently being updated: the new band's first full-length concert will take place at Volga7 in Tartu on February 7th, but it looks like shorter sets can be heard much sooner: in Tallinn on January 8th and in Tartu on January 23rd. Watch this space for details ;)

Happy New Year!!!

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