Monday, January 7, 2019

Gigs! Gigs! Gigs!

Jan. 16 - Tartu Bluusikuu at the town library with Peeter Piik & Les Wilson;

Feb. 1 - The Blue Icicle festival at the Pärnu Yacht Club;
Feb. 7 - Tartu Bluusikuu at the Kolm Tilli restaurant;
Feb. 9 - Savonsolmu Winter Blues in Pieksämäki, Finland with Anneli Kadakas;

Feb. 14 - WAKE in Helsinki, Finland;
Feb. 15 - Beetroot-klubi @ Apollo in Turku, Finland;
Feb. 16 - Bar Edgar in Loimaa, Finland;
Feb. 27 - The Glad Cafe in Glasgow, UK with Dave Arcari;
March 1 - Leith Depot in Edinburgh, UK with Dave Arcari;
March 2 - Memorial Hall in Milton of Buchanan, UK with Dave Arcari.

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