Thursday, October 1, 2020

Blues Again! Review

The French webzine Blues Again! has published a fantastic review of "Tartu Lockdown", the genre of which they cleverly describe as "blues confiné". César writes: "His river is not the Mississippi, but the Emajõgi, which makes no difference in terms of the blues, this guy is a real bluesman and moreover, gets better with time, like an old Bordeaux... This is Roots Art." Read the whole thing HERE (in French, but there's always Google Translate!).

Meanwhile, last week saw the last confirmed gig this autumn - COVID is on the march again, so it's almost impossible to plan more than a few days in advance... So please check back often: as soon as there are any live shows to announce, this is where you'll find the info!

Here's a photo from Rapla Blues Club on September 24th.  

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