Thursday, August 24, 2023

Tallukka Blues Party Review & Photos

Last week's Finnish tour ended with a set at the Hotelli Tallukka Blues Party in Vääksy and has published a detailed review of the event. Pasi Tuominen writes: 

"Even though Roots has been making music for a long time and has been performing actively in Finland for well over a decade, he remains part of the younger generation of roots musicians. And that shows in both his artistic and personal progress – it feels like this guy’s development curve is about to go through the roof.

"The Vesijärvi restaurant was nicely packed on Saturday, intensely alive with the masterful guitarist’s performance. Roots’ acoustic guitar playing exhibits almost endless inventiveness. When seasoning his playing with juicy basslines and percussive right hand effects, he sounds like a trio at the very least!
"The humorous stage banter further adds to the concert value of Roots (who speaks better Finnish than many Finns). Rarely do artists get an extra applause for what they say between songs. Andres got many."
You can read the whole thing HERE (in Finnish). Photos here and in the article are by Juha Seila. - see the full gallery HERE


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