Thursday, March 29, 2012

Writings, Drawings, Gigs In April

More news: while the band were in France, published Andres' review of the recently released Rolling Stones 1973 and 1978 bootlegs in English and in Finnish and Kitarr ran part two of his blues guitar tutorial, which focusses on turnarounds in standard and open G tuning - you can have a look here, but you'll need to buy the mag for actual tabs (and how to avoid the position in the photo!).

Speaking of France: the previous entry failed to mention that this year's festival compilation featured "Dead Man Stomp" off the 2010 "Roundabout" album, with Dave Arcari on vocals - now, Dave and Roundabout will be appearing together on April 4th at Illegaard in Tartu and on April 26th at the Cultural Centre in Türi, and both shall play the Stompin' At The Savoy festival in Helsinki in the middle of the month, albeit on different days. Here's a wonderful drawing by Elisabeth Neveux of the Roundabout band as they appeared at the Blues Autour du Zinc festival in Beauvais last week:

Andres Roots Roundabout by Elisabeth Neveux

A rare duo gig by Steve Lury & Andres Roots (UK/EST) has just been added to the busy June 2012 Lury tour schedule - 6 p.m. on Sunday, June 3rd at the Texas Honky Tonk & Cantina in Tallinn. In other news, tonight (March 29th) will see the Tallinn premiére of the new Estonian-Latvian-Belarusian Peeter Simm film "Lonely Island", which includes a few minutes' worth of instrumental Roots music, some of it composed and recorded especially for this project. The Tartu premiére is on April 5th.

Also in April, the band are hoping to complete their instrumental EP "Electric Dixieland", the first revealed track from which has already proved rather popular. Here's the single sleeve, designed by Siret Roots, and a more hi-fi streaming version of "Link To Elmore". At present, you cannot buy the single - but you *can* purchase the original of the drawing used for the cover! ;)

"Link To Elmore" design and drawing by Siret Roots

Andres Roots Roundabout "Link To Elmore" by Andres Roots

Monday, March 26, 2012

Back From The Road

The band have returned from their trip to Finland and France and wish to thank everybody who was there and/or helped make it all happen - with very special thanks to the Estonian Embassy in Paris, the crew at the Blues Autour du Zinc in Beauvais and the Helsinki Rooftop Ninjas in, err, Helsinki. Without you, etc.!

Here are pics of the venues:

The Pueblo Bar y Taqueria in Helsinki

The Estonian Embassy in Paris

The Maladrerie St-Lazare outside of Beauvais -
in fact a medieval hospital for lepers

The Chaudron Baveur in Beauvais

Among the many fine performers in Beauvais was the stunning trio of Lee Patterson, JonZip and Dave Arcari - Dave of course will be doing two gigs in Estonia with Andres Roots Roundabout in April, and both he and the band will be taking part in the Stompin' At The Savoy festival in Helsinki in a few weeks. Here he is with Lee and JonZip, posing in front of Roundabout's heavy metal dressing room on the festival grounds:

Lee Patterson, Dave Arcari, JonZip in Beauvais.

Next gig: Muddy Waters 99 on April 4th!

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Steve Lury Tour

Finally: here's the complete Steve Lury & ARR tour schedule for June 2012:

June 1 - Rubiin, Viljandi, Estonia
June 2 - Luscher&Matiesen, Tallinn, Estonia
June 4 - Clazz, Tallinn, Estonia
June 7 - Illegaard, Tartu, Estonia
June 8 - Edgar, Loimaa, Finland
June 9 - Blues Picnic, Leppävirta, Finland
June 9 - Kaavi Blues, Kaavi, Finland

Monday, March 5, 2012

First Dates Announced For Lury Tour

British harp wizard Steve Lury will be returning to the Baltics in June for a handful of gigs with a special line-up of the Roundabout band that includes Peeter Piik on bass, Kalle Kindel on drums and Andres Roots on guitar. With several shows still TBA, the tour will start at Luscher&Matiesen in Tallinn, Estonia on June 2nd and end with appearances at two different festivals within a single afternoon on June 9th: Leppävirta Blues Picnic and Kaavi Blues Festival, both in Finland and the latter also featuring Johnny Spence of the legendary Pirates.

With Steve at Viru Folk 2011. Photo by Andres Kütt.

Also: the Beale Street webzine in Belgium has published a nice review of "Leigh's Spider Jam" - check it out here!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Film Score & Punk Rock Rhumba

Directed by legendary filmmaker Peeter Simm, the Estonian-Belarusian-Latvian film "Lonely Island" will premiere on March 1st in Minsk, Belarus, with its Estonian screening to follow towards the end of the month. The film score includes slide guitar pieces written and performed by Andres Roots.

Meanwhile back home, another punk rock blues video has surfaced from the recent Blue Icicle festival - of Messrs Eessalu, Terep & Roots performing "The Other Rhumba":

An additional show by the above trio and Dave Arcari (UK) has just been confirmed for April 26th at Türi Kultuurimaja in Estonia. In other news, Roots reviews of Little Freddie King's new album have been published by (the English original) and (the Finnish translation).