Saturday, May 19, 2012

Reviews & Live Appearances

First things first: in an hour, an exhibiton of Siret Roots' drawings will open at the Estonian Folklore Archives in Tartu - yes, Siret has designed all Roots Art releases, her ink drawings adorn the sleeves of the "Legacy Blues" single (2011) and the "Electric Dixieland" EP (2012), and for the cover of Bullfrog Brown's "Moon and Central" (2009), she even won the Best Original Cover Art award from Canada's Blues Underground Network. The exhibition will stay open at least until Midsummer's Day, so if you're in Tartu, you need to go check it out!

Now, on to the "Electric Dixieland" reviews in this week.

"I'm sure Andres Roots is a kind and nice person, but the heart inside of him is a blues monster that won't allow guitars breathe easy or go bowling," writes Siim Kera in this week's Eesti Ekspress. "Beware, six-strings, for somewhere in Tartu, Roots is on the prowl and he will not rest until all the notes have been wrung out of you."

"The opening "Room Service" has an almost Western swing feel to it, with the guitars of Roots and Eessalu almost replicating the sound of pedal steel and driven by Raul Terep’s drums; the following "Link To Elmore"  has some fine toned shimmering slide guitar which gives it a sort of Elmore James meets Link Wray groove and is very nice too," continues Grahame Rhodes in the UK's ""Three Sticks" is a driving blues with more slashing slide guitar as Roots and Eessalu joust and Raul Terep kicks it along. The closing "Wagon Swing" has a lighter, country feel and again has great sounding guitar work, both acoustically and electric."

Speaking of the blues in North West England, it is beginning to look like the trio line-up heard on the EP will indeed be making their way to Liverpool and Manchester towards the end of September - more details TBA! But on this very Monday, May 21st, both the trio and quartet line-ups of the band will be appearing at Clazz in Tallinn: free entry for all, and the 3x30 minutes of footstompin' fun will commence at exactly 22:00 hours. And after that, it's all about the Steve Lury tour!!!

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