Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Augustibluus: Summer Season Over!

On August 18th, Andres Roots Roundabout played Andres' 11th and the band's 1st gig at the Augustibluus festival in Haapsalu. Local paper "Lääne Elu" called it one of the most engaging performances of the 2-day, multi-stage event and ran an interview with the "festival veteran".

For starters, Andres and Raul Terep joined El Trio for two songs, including a live rendition of their collaboaration single "Solitaire".

Photo by Leif Laaksonen.

Then Andres, Raul and Martin Eessalu continued with a brief trio set, slightly disturbed by a drunken guest harpist that has sadly become one of the regulars at the festival, but it didn't stop the show.

Photo by Leif Laaksonen.

As a 4-piece with Indrek Tiisel harp and vocals, the band continued onwards and upwards...

Photo by Kadri Tiisel.

Photo by Kadri Tiisel.

...with Bert Deivert joining them for "Legacy Blues".

Photo by Imre Pühvel.

The concert, performed before one of the largest audiences at the train station ever, was also filmed for TV.

Photo by Leif Laaksonen.

ARR then moved to the Hermanuse balcony to do an acoustic set for their Finnish fans.

Photo by Leif Laaksonen.

Photo by Ari-Pekka Huovila.

Photo by Kadri Tiisel.

Two days later, Andres, Martin and Raul found themselves at the ETV studios in Tallinn to record "Link To Elmore" and "Three Sticks", to be aired in September.

Photo by Kristi Terep.

And that's this summer's festival season over and done with. Next up: Andres, Martin and Raul go to Manchester, UK to play the Didsbury Arts Festival and a couple of club gigs and to record a radio session for Stockport's Roots & Fusion. Stay tuned!

Photo by Kristi Terep.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back From Liepaja, On To Haapsalu!

On August 10th, Andres Roots Roundabout played the Fontaine Festival in Liepaja, Latvia with Roots and Martin Eessalu on guitars and Andres Mikk on drums - the festival was truly a blast. On Saturday, August 18th, the band will appear at the Augustibluus festival in Haapsalu - Roots' 11th time at the fest since 2000. For that gig, the band line-up will include Roots and Eessalu on guitars, Raul Terep on drums and Indrek Tiisel on harmonica and vocals; together with Lorete Medne and Edgars Galzons from the Latvian group El Trio, they will also be performing their new collaboration single "Solitaire".

At Fontaine - photo: Internet.

Photo by Ģirts Gertsons.
Photo: Internet.

Photo by Nele Sillaots.

Photo: Internet.
Photo: Internet.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Solitaire" Released 10.8.2012!

Tomorrow, August 10th is the official release date for the "Solitaire" single - at midnight, Andres Roots Roundabout will be taking the stage at Fontaine Festival in Liepaja, Latvia, and befittingly, the single features Lorete Medne (vocals) and Edgars Galzons (tuba) from the Latvian band El Trio.

The proverbial B-side of the CD single is culled from last year's "Leigh's Spider Jam" album and the guests on "Lightnin' On Horizon'" include L.R.Phoenix (vocals, UK) and Bert Deivert (mandolin, USA) - indeed, the single will be celebrating and promoting the upcoming Augustibluus railway station concert in Haapsalu, Estonia, where on August 18th, the performers include El Trio, Andres Roots Roundabout and Bert Deivert & Brian Kramer.  

The CD will only be available at gigs, and you're hereby all invited to Haapsalu for the rare opportunity of hearing "Solitaire" live!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ugriblues & Pärnu Blues Pics

On July 31st, Andres Roots Roundabout appeared at the Pärnu Blues Festival in Pärnu - photos by Urmas Kukk:

On August 2nd, the band appeared at the Ugriblues festival at Luscher&Matiesen in Tallinn - photos by Urmas Kukk:

...where the band was joined by Dave Arcari for a few numbers - photos by Kris Moor/Kitarr:

...and where Andres was in charge of the four-day festival programme - pictured here with main organizer Peke Eloranta:

The first Ugriblues festival ended on August 4th with an afterparty at Von Krahl, where Andres and Indrek Tiisel also performed an improvised set - photos by Antti Alanko/Devil Box: