Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ugriblues & Pärnu Blues Pics

On July 31st, Andres Roots Roundabout appeared at the Pärnu Blues Festival in Pärnu - photos by Urmas Kukk:

On August 2nd, the band appeared at the Ugriblues festival at Luscher&Matiesen in Tallinn - photos by Urmas Kukk:

...where the band was joined by Dave Arcari for a few numbers - photos by Kris Moor/Kitarr:

...and where Andres was in charge of the four-day festival programme - pictured here with main organizer Peke Eloranta:

The first Ugriblues festival ended on August 4th with an afterparty at Von Krahl, where Andres and Indrek Tiisel also performed an improvised set - photos by Antti Alanko/Devil Box:

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