Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Diddley Bow Workshop

This Sunday, Andres will take part in a recycling workshops day at Kastani 38 in Tartu - if you have a tin can and a piece of board you're not using, come along and make yourself a diddley bow!

It was the Danish one-man-band Nikolaj Andersen who first made Andres' son a one-string diddley bow out of an old broomstick a few years back - the kind you play like a regular slide guitar. After toying with that for a while, Andres built his own "lap steel" model, which you play holding a slide in one hand and and a stick in the other, with which you bang on the strings - that was used for the tune "Duck Soup" on his "Roundabout" album. He also demonstrated the one-string to Scottish bluesman Dave Arcari, who ended up designing his own model - with an electric pickup!

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