Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: "Brings Light Into Darkness"

This month's first-ever full-colour issue of Finland's Blues News magazine includes a review of "Three!" by TT Tarkiainen. TT namechecks Elmore James, J.B. Hutto and Hound Dog Taylor, and concludes:

"In these sombre times of polar night and news on the economy, "Three!" by Andres Roots Roundabout brings light into darkness. The album comes across as blithely positive, bringing a smile to even the most sullen of faces. The music of Andres Roots reminds one of summer, with all the flies and the flowers and the bees." Cheers! :)

Gigs this week: Thursday, February 20 - Underground, Tartu, with Devil Box; Friday, February 21 - Yacht Club, Pärnu, with Devil Box; Saturday, February 22nd - Volga, Tartu, with MOduo.

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