Friday, October 24, 2014

IDeeJazz, Pics, Mardi Gras!

On October 31st, Roots & Terep will have the honour of opening Tartu's IDeeJazz Festival at the Tartu Jazz Club. For the occasion, Avo Kartul conducted a lengthy interview with Andres which you can read at the festival site - but yes, it's in Estonian. Below are some pics from the duo's last show at the Feel Good Music Café, courtesy of Feel Good.

And: over in Finland, Maaseutumusiikki has published a new EP for Tapsa Kojo's birthday, "Vallilan Kojootti", which features Andres Roots on one track, "Mardi Gras" - a new reading of a Roots tune originally composed well over 10 years ago as the theme song for a series of concerts at the Tartu Song Festival Grounds' Café. Listen below and order the CD here!


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