Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Paide 9.12!

The Bottleneck Trendsetters Tour was a blast: 5 concerts in 5 towns and 5 days, 3 countries and 1300 kilometres... Photos and video will come soon. Meanwhile, Mr. Roots' next public appearance will be Vanalinna Kohvik in Paide, Estonia on Friday, December 9th.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Bottleneck Trendsetters Baltic Tour

The album is out and the listening party was a blast! Photo from Gramophonetree Records by Kertu Rajasaare :)

Next up is the Bottleneck Guitar Trendsetters' tour of the Baltics, which will proceed as follows:
Nov. 23 - Baar Edison, Tartu, Estonia (Ismo Haavisto & Andres Roots); Nov. 24 - Artistai Klubas, Vilnius, Lithuania (Ismo Haavisto, Andres Roots, Aleksandr Belkin); 
Nov. 25 - Alytaus Bliuzo Klubas, Alytus, Lithuania (Ismo Haavisto & Andres Roots); Nov. 26 - Kafenhauz, Panevezys, Lithuania (Ismo Haavisto, Andres Roots, Aleksandr Belkin); Nov. 27 - Čuguna Roze, Bauska, Latvia (Ismo Haavisto & Andres Roots). See you down the road! 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Pre-release Listening Party!

You can hear "Winter" in its entirety the day before release at Gramophonetree Records in Tartu. There will also be a short live performance - 6 p.m., November 17.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Album Preview & Muusika Cover Story!

The November issue of Estonia's only music magazine Muusika features a lengthy interview with Andres Roots! And the upcoming album "Winter" is now available for pre-order via Lasering (EUR) and CDMarket (USD). Here's a preview!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New CD Out 18.11!

The release date for the new Andres Roots CD album "Winter" has been confirmed: November 18, 2016. The CD presents 13 tracks recorded 2012-2016, three of them instrumentals, and features (in alphabetical order): James Dalton (USA), Bert Deivert (USA), Louie Digman (UK), Howard Fishman (USA), Edgars Galzons (Latvia), Ismo Haavisto (Finland), Steve Lury (UK), Lorete Medne (Latvia), Andres Mikk (Estonia), Peeter Piik (Estonia), Mikk Tammepõld (Estonia), Raul Terep (Estonia), and Richard Townend (UK). Produced by Asko-Romé Altsoo & Andres Roots, with cover drawing and design by Siret Roots.The tracklist is as follows:

1. Karlova Blues
2. Winter Blues
3. Thanks For Bringing Me Down
4. Tea For Alex
5. All In The Cards
6. Morganfield Blues
7. Get Me Back
8. Spider In My Bed
9. Spanish Run
10. Solitaire
11. Someplace Nice
12. Alligator Blues
13. Silver Lining