Monday, December 3, 2018

Lääniste Video & Concerts This Week

Check out the video of "Spanish Run", "Station Blues Medley" and "Room Service" performed in Lääniste last night below! The "Breakfast in September" tour will pick up at Barlova in Tartu on December 13, but this week we have:

December 6: Tartu Blues Society's 15th anniversary at Illegaard in Tartu, with Dave Arcari (UK), Alar Kriisa & Vilho Meier, MOduo, Randal Duo, and Andres Roots, Peeter Piik & Les Wilson (UK).

December 7: the official launch party of University of Tartu Library's music department's new location with Andres Roots, Peeter Piik & Les Wilson (UK) (afternoon show: the events starts 1 p.m. already!).

December 8: Barbar in Tallinn, with Dave Arcari (UK), Andres Roots, and Mad Harley.

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