Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Västra Nyland Review!

Sara Selenius has reviewed the new split EP with Black River Bluesman and Red Mouth for the Swedish-language Finnish daily Västra Nyland: "Red Mouth, the man with the red beard, has an interesting dialect and draws his doomsday prophecies in a straightforward sermon, but with positive undertones. /---/ Here there's no question of whether it's the blues we're listening to or not - here the thoughts go directly to early Delta blues musicians, especially Robert Johnson. From Roots' guitar strings, groovy bass ostinatos are born and delicious, simple melodies slide on top of augmented ninth and sus chords. These songs are stripped-down and melancholy, but with extremely warm and honest interpretations from both Red Mouth and Roots. Hope the collaboration continues for at least another 10 years."  

Read the whole thing HERE!

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