Monday, June 7, 2021

Blues in Britain Review!

Norman Darwen reviews the "Tribute to Elmore" EP by Ismo Haavisto, Andres Roots & Matias Partanen in the June issue of Blues in Britain

"My, but this is wonderful… Recorded live at the Augustibluus Festival in Haapsalu, Estonia, these five tracks are just bursting with energy and wild slide licks - not only Elmore style, but there are also dashes of Earl Hooker and his wah wah slide playing. The Hound Dog Taylor flavoured instrumental, ‘Hawaiian Boogie’, rocks like crazy, but then, so too do ‘Dust My Broom’, ‘One Way Out’, ‘Look On Yonder Wall’ and ‘Shake Your Moneymaker’...  These guys just hit it and let it go where it takes them."

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