Monday, February 6, 2023

New CD Pre-Order!

The new CD pre-order is finally here - "Vol. 12" ships out as soon as it arrives from the factory, March 3rd at the latest! It's Andres Roots' 1st full-length CD since 2020's "Tartu Lockdown" and his 1st studio album since 2018's "Breakfast in September", featuring 14 solo numbers recorded 2019-2022 - tracklist below. The pre-order price of 18 euros includes shipping, so just e-mail your order (indicating your name & address & whether you want the CD signed) to!
1. So It Is, Subhuti
2. Sunstroke
3. Starbuck Theme
4. Dromedary
5. Birdsong Thing
6. Hawk's Out with His Axe   
7. Picnic at Dockery's
8. Bye Bye Berry
9. Blues on Green
10. Years Past Midnight
11. Waiting Around
12. Western of the Month  
13. Yuletide Blues
14. Sherwood

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