Saturday, April 29, 2023

More Reviews!

More reviews are coming in - and when it comes to "Vol. 12", "Led Zeppelin" and "Hawaiian style" still appear to be the keywords :)

In the May edition of the UK's Blues in the South, Ged Wilson calls Andres "a first class acoustic guitar player" and says the music is "reminiscent of the late Davy Graham... Bordering on Led Zeppelin 3 territory", with "a nice Hawaiian slide guitar style." Check out the full review (and why not subscribe to the monthly?) HERE

Over at Keys and Chords in Belgium, Philip Verhaege states that "Acoustic slide guitar as in the heyday of Delta Blues is the main focus here. And Andres really has it in his fingers." Read on (in Dutch!) HERE.

And last, we have the review that was actually published first, way back in March - in the Estonian weekly Nelli Teataja, Ülo Külm writes: "He grabs you from the suitably rousing opener "So It Is, Subhuti" and maintains an evenly professional level until the end."

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