Monday, May 15, 2023

And Even More Reviews!

In the May issue of Estonia's Muusika magazine, Kristiina Kanep writes about "Vol. 12": "This is a very good record... It's as if the music keeps flowing towards a destination, yet warm and filled with peace. Even though the roots of this music aren't in our soil, it made for a cozy listening that's good for the soul." Click HERE to read the whole thing (in Estonian!)!

Over in Finland, has published a review by the webzine's editor-in-chief Mika Roth, who calls the CD "total roots treatment": "An interesting mix of Delta Blues, Americana, primitive blues and folkier elements." Click HERE to read the whole thing (in Finnish!)!

The May issue of Muusika also includes a lengthy piece on the late great Charlie Watts by Andres Roots, and the May issue of Finland's Blues News magazine features his profile on fellow Tartu guitarist, Hendrix enthusiast and luthier Halvo Liivam├Ągi - be sure to check that out, too!

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