Sunday, December 18, 2011

Festival Gigs In France & Finland

The following international gigs have been confirmed for the spring of 2012:

On March 23rd & 24th, a trio version of Andres Roots Roundabout (Tiisel-Eessalu-Roots) will be performing at the festival Le Blues Autour du Zinc in Beauvais, France; exact venues TBA.

Roots, Tiisel, Eessalu. Photo by Merle Madisson.

On April 14th & 15th, the full quartet line-up of Roundabout (Tiisel-Terep-Eessalu-Roots) will take part in the Stompin' At The Savoy festival in Helsinki, Finland. On April 14th, the band will play the festival afterparty at Juttutupa as part of the Ghettoblues event series; on April 15th, the gig will be at Katsomo during the festival's Sunday At Maxwell Street Market special.

Terep, drums & spooky lights. Photo by Kertu Vares.

There will also be a special Roots Art merch table set up for Maxwell Street, where you can buy CD's, ROMU amps, Siret Roots' handmade jewellery, and much, much more, so if you're anywhere in the area, it will definitely be worth checking out!

Meanwhile, cool reviews of "Leigh's Spider Jam" have been published in Sweden's Jefferson Blues Magazine and Finland's So order yours today - see our special Xmas offer for the visitors of!

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