Friday, February 24, 2012

Blues Blast Review & Beauvais Gig Details

The American Blues Blast Magazine has just published a really cool review of "Leigh's Spider Jam" by Gary Weeks: "If you are looking for a respite from over-driven blues rock and wish to delve into something more earthier, with a little piece of the Delta in your mouth, then you’ve hit the winning lottery ticket."

"Electrified jug-band blues shaking hands with The Rolling Stones...a treasure-chest of Americana...These guys can hold court at any blues jam in America. While other players are content to trudge out the same Stevie Ray licks, Leigh’s Spider Jam is all about the roots and channeling the unplugged power from where the blues emerged and where its ghosts never rest."

Speaking of blasts, ARR's Monday gig at Clazz certainly was one. Also, while the band was on stage in Tallinn, Estonia, Stadi.TV in Helsinki, Finland was broadcasting a November 2010 concert by a trio version of the band, with daily re-runs scheduled for the rest of the week - see their programme here.

Part concert, part lecture on blues history and slide guitar, that performance was the first time that Andres Roots, Martin Eessalu and Indrek Tiisel jammed together - as luck would have it, it was both recorded by Folgiklubi FolgiKesKus and filmed by Tallinna TV, with "Folk Club Blues" and "Legacy Blues" ending up on the "Leigh's Spider Jam" CD.

Next in line are these four concerts in Finland and France:

March 20th - Pueblo Bar & Taqueria w/ Helsinki Rooftop Ninjas, Helsinki, Finland
March 21st - Ambassade d'Estonie en France, Paris
March 23rd - Maladrerie Saint-Lazare, Festival le Blues Autour du Zinc, Beauvais
March 24th - Le Chaudron Baveur, Festival le Blues Autour du Zinc, Beauvais

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