Thursday, March 1, 2012

Film Score & Punk Rock Rhumba

Directed by legendary filmmaker Peeter Simm, the Estonian-Belarusian-Latvian film "Lonely Island" will premiere on March 1st in Minsk, Belarus, with its Estonian screening to follow towards the end of the month. The film score includes slide guitar pieces written and performed by Andres Roots.

Meanwhile back home, another punk rock blues video has surfaced from the recent Blue Icicle festival - of Messrs Eessalu, Terep & Roots performing "The Other Rhumba":

An additional show by the above trio and Dave Arcari (UK) has just been confirmed for April 26th at Türi Kultuurimaja in Estonia. In other news, Roots reviews of Little Freddie King's new album have been published by (the English original) and (the Finnish translation).

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