Saturday, July 5, 2014

Podcast, Review & New Tune!

On June 21st, on his way to the Pärnu Blues Club, Andres Roots stopped by the Helilaine studio to record a podcast - you can hear him being interrogated at length about all things blues and perform an acoustic version of the Ten Years After/Hurriganes classic "Hear Me Calling" with Andres Mikk playing the snare here! His records of choice also heard on the show are Kokomo Arnold's "Old Original Kokomo Blues" and Johnny Shines' "Ramblin'".

Meanwhile, the current issue of the French Soul Bag magazine has published a very positive review of "Trad.alt.blues" by Christophe Mourot, calling the live version of "Moby Duck" a "must-hear" and suggesting that the duo of Roots & Raul Terep have succeeded in the difficult task of presenting an instrumental live album, managing to tell stories as if there was a singer present.

Thus, it is no wonder that Roots & Terep have finally decided to release "Trad.alt.blues" as a proper CD album - but with the addition of two studio tracks, recorded by Asko-Romé Altsoo at the White Room in May. Here's one of them.  

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