Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Tune With El Trio

Here's a preview of "Solitaire" - a brand new tune written by Andres Roots, recorded @ White Room in Tartu by Asko-Romé Altsoo and featuring Lorete Medne (vocals) and Edgars Galzons (tuba) from the Latvian band El Trio, as well as Roundabout regulars Raul Terep (drums & percussion) and Andres Roots (guitars).

The song will be released on a special CD single next month, promoting the annual railroad station show at the Augustibluus festival in Haapsalu on August 18th. The concert line-up is El Trio, Andres Roots Roundabout and Deivert & Kramer (USA), and befittingly, the "B-side" of the single will hold "Lightnin' On Horizon", originally released on "Leigh's Spider Jam" and featuring Bert Deivert (mandolin), L.R.Phoenix (vocals), Martin Eessalu (electric guitar), Raul (drums) and Andres (dobro).   

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